Homefinding – Settling in – Family support

Moving, especially moving internationally, is a drawn out process that can involve months of seemingly endless decisions to make and details to remember. Once the assignee arrives at their new destination, their AMOS Consultant will focus on the details that are critical to a smooth transition.


Settling-In Services include:


  Social Security Registration (Kennitala)

  Assistance with local banking procedures

  Assist with obtaining a driver’s license, auto registration and insurance

  Assistance with automobile purchase

  School/Kindergarten registration

  Utilities, phone and cable hook up

  Identification of medical providers

  Selection of rental or the purchase of furniture

  General assistance with local purchase of goods and services (e.g., appliances)

  Assistance with language training

  Assistance with securing domestic services

  Spouse and children’s support


Home Finding assistance includes:


  Complete needs assessment based on each assignee’s unique criteria

  Information on housing market including availability and prices

  Itinerary planning and tour of properties

  Lease negotiation

  Document condition of the property