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Our Team of Experts 

Our team works on strong ethical grounds. Discretion and confidentiality are critical as we manage all aspects of your personal and professional life. We strive to be a single-point-of-contact, for a smooth and efficient experience throughout the relocation process.

Jóna Fanney Friðriksdóttir

CEO / Administration

Guðrún Eyþórsdóttir

Relocation Specialist & Intercultural Trainer

Unnur Valdís Kristjánsdóttir

Relocation Specialist /
Visa & Immigration

Þórarinn Friðriksson

Real Estate Agent /

Sandra Zec

Attorney at law /
International & European law

Elva Ósk Wiium

Attorney at law /
Tax specialist

Professional, Confidential, Caring

What makes us special and  stand out from the crowd is that at AMOS you get all service you need in one single place from integrated specialists having a great network in Reykjavík and in all major towns in Iceland.

Our strength lies in our passion and dedication for providing a comprehensive service to expats and our commitment to quality and cost-effective workforce mobility solutions.

Taking the complexity out by having access to locals

Working in a new cultural environment is demanding. Beside adjusting to every day life, a new home has to be found, school and kindergarten for the children, eventually a job for the spouse, not to mention all the bureaucracy that goes along with settling on a foreign ground. Even simplest things like opening a bank account or finding a phone company and make the internet work, can be a great deal of effort.

We’ve been in your shoes as expats

The AMOS team has an extensive experience and background in international communication as well as in the intercultural field. We know very well the challenges expats face when moving to a new country,- we have all been there ourselves. 

We believe that the success of any personal or corporate relocation is dependent on eliminating the barriers that can impact the entire family.

Tailor made service

Starting with pre-departure support with shipping or getting a visa & work permit (if required), we’ll help you through the first steps in Iceland – registering your new home address, getting a phone and bank account, finding a flat, registering the kids for schools and so on.

We assess the unique requirements of each client and help you integrate into a new local community by minimizing stress, saving time and reducing unnecessary expenses.



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