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Coconut Ísland is a youth organization founded in 2018 in Iceland. We recently received, in cooperation with other countries, two grants from the ERASMUS+ program in Iceland. Our goal is to give the general public in Iceland an opportunity to participate in European cooperation although they are not necessarily involved in any NGOs within Iceland.

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Nov. 12-20, 2019 | Greece | Aimed at People working with YouthNov. 28- Dec 6, 2019 | Morocco | Youth Exchange (18-30 yrs.)
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Hi! I am Jóna Fanney Friðriksdóttir and I live in Reykjavík, Iceland. I have an extended experience in International relations with a focus on Intercultural Communications.

Recently I, among others, founded the NGO Coconut Ísland (Iceland). We are several representatives from various countries and together we call us The Coconutwork. Our mission is to give people from these countries an opportunity to study, train themselves, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.  



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